You need a footrest if your feet are not resting on the floor. If you always have your feet on the casters of the chair, or sit to the middle of the chair to get your feet on the floor, you will probably benefit from a footrest.

  • A footrest that is adjustable in height is helpful so that you can reposition the chair height if needed.
  • A tilting footrest is optional - use one if it feels good and for sitting in reclined positions.
  • The top of the rest should have a tread that will keep your feet from sliding off.
  • Make sure that you get one for the height that you need - one that is too high will position the hips and the spine at an undesirable angle.

How do you use it properly?

Keep it centred under the desk, and rest the feet on it while the back is supported by the back of the chair. Sometimes if the footrest is too high, it will work better if it is pushed further under the desk. Play with the distance to find the most comfortable position for you.

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