Foot Rubz - Acupressure Foot and Hand Massager
The Foot Rubz is a great massage ball that makes feet and hands feel great in minutes! Roll this unique ball under your feet, in your hands, or over any sore and tired muscles.  160 knobs provide soothing stimulation that will immediately begin to relax and eliminate tension. You control the depth of massage with applied pressure to ensure the utmost relief of muscle soreness. ..
Rubz™ - Accupressure Foot Massager Roller
Rubz Foot Massager's unusual design combines ancient Asian acupressure techniques and a modern design to provide relief from common foot pain and ailments like Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Spurs. It's perfect for all types of massage therapy, body, arms, legs....but especially for foot massage where the pressure points on the outside of the feet need to be reached. Shaped with high quality, s..
Rubz™ - Accupressure Full Body Massage Tool
Rubz Full Body massage tool uses ancient Asian acupressure techniques to apply pressure to relax muscles, reduce tension and increase circulation. Its unusual design combines two shaped round knobbed balls in the one device. You can easily grasp either knobbed ball to donduct the best deep tissue massage work you could imagine. Shaped with high quality, firm studs (like the popular Foo..